Time is a sneaky thing…

Instead of feeling like this:

I want to feel like this:

^^^Yeah go ahead and watch that 72 more times, you know you want to!


Where has time gone?! It’s such a sneaky thing isn’t it. 
3 weeks left of school.
Only 5 days of classes left and then finals.
36 days until I leave the country for 6 weeks in East Asia.

My mind is blown. I am feeling slightly crazed as I type this. There are butterflies in my stomache as I realize that I have enrolled for my senior year in college and though I will take a victory lap and graduate a year later, it seems the end is so near.

I am feeling nostaligic for something that isn’t even over! It seems silly, but if there is ever an event to be nostalgic over it would be this.

So many papers, projects and deadlines in these next few weeks. I’m trying to keep my head on straight and keep my sanity. I’ve been eating lots of candy and trying to take as many naps as possible. I’ve never doubted the importance of the little things!


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One Response to Time is a sneaky thing…

  1. Rachel Smyth says:

    You’re posts make me smile 🙂 Keep on pushing through…summer is SO close!!

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